Power Pack LED Light Kit


Power Pack Light Kit

This is a surgical grade light.

This kit contains a light, 2 batteries, wall charger, screwdriver and carrying case. 

The light will come with our "C" clip which will attach to a wide variety of loupes.   If there are any concerns we will contact you before shipping.

We offer filters that can be added to your light.  Yellow for use when curing composites in the dental field.  Blue for those who's profession involves eyes.

If you do not have Rose Loupes, please indicate in the comment section the manufacturer, frame style and if the loupe is through the lens or flip up, to ensure we provide you with the correct clip.

You may order either a single case or a dual case to house your loupe and light together.

Head Light                                                         

Luminous intensity     180lm

Illuminosity                  90,000 Lux (8360 fc)

Lamp Manufacturer     Cree

Battery  (Power Pack)

Internal Battery Voltage   3.7V

Full Battery Charging Time  200 Mins

Average Operating Time 10-12 hours (at max intensity)

Power Pack LED Light Kit
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  • Power Pack LED Light Kit
  • Power Pack LED Light Kit