Loupe Instructions


Please review this guide carefully to familiarize yourself with the use of your optical loupes. Failure to do so may result in unnecessary frustration or discomfort.


Rose Micro has two (2) styles of loupes that are available in many magnifications and focal lengths. The two (2) styles are a flip up or TTL (through the lens).


TTL or through the lens loupes have no adjustment. They are built for you.

The proper adjustment of your flip up loupe prior to using it is CRITICAL. If you have never worn loupes before or have chosen a high power you may experience some initial disorientation. This is normal. Some may require a “breaking-in” period to become comfortable. If you experience discomfort, you may want to begin using your loupes in small doses, gradually increasing your daily usage.

Check to see if your frames are level with your eyes. Look in a mirror and compare an imaginary line through your pupils with the top of your frames. If the loupes are not level loosen the two mounting screws and align them to your face.

Make sure your flip up loupes are completely flipped down, touching the eye glass lens. Set the angle of your barrels to your desired declination. While wearing your loupes and looking down at your target work site, have someone look at them from the side. They should be able to draw an imaginary line from your pupils through the middle of the loupes to the target.

To set your loupe, proceed as follows:

            There are three (3) possible adjustments to be made to the loupe.

Two (2) “tension” screws are located on the side of the loupe hinge and one (1)under the IPD (inner pupillary distance) knob.

1) Starting with the top tension screw, tighten or loosen (left-loosen / right-tighten) to adjust to your preference. This will allow you to easily flip the loupe up, or to keep it in the lowered position.


            Note: Only minor loosening or tightening is required. DO NOT unscrew or the locking nut may fall out.

2) The bottom screw allows you to set the declination angle. Adjust the barrels to the desired angle. After achieving the desired angle, tighten the screw until it is secured.

If a steeper angle is desired contact Rose Micro and ask about adding an “angle block” to your loupe. Simply unscrew your loupe and attach your loupe to the front of your angle block. Then attach the opposite side of the angle block to the frame by running the second set of screws through the holes in the frame and into the back face (largest flat surface) of the angle block. This is available for use on any of the Rose Micro frames.

3) IPD adjustments can be made by putting the loupe on. Hold your thumb or an object at a distance (determined by your selected model) until it comes into focus. Turn the IPD knob clockwise or counter clockwise to obtain one circular field of vision or an oval. If two circles, or a sideways eight are viewed, the IPD knob is open too far. Be careful not to bring the loupe barrels too close together or eyestrain may result. When you are seeing one circle you can just leave it as is or you may lock this position. To lock it, hold the knob to prevent it from turning and tighten the screw underneath the IPD knob.

In the rare event that you have turned the IPD knob all the way in and you are still seeing two (2) circles you may have a “small” IPD measurement (meaning that your eyes are close together). This is not an issue. We can perform an “IPD grind “that will allow you to close the barrels further than a standard loupe. Return your loupe to Rose Micro with instructions to perform an IPD Grind.

Sometimes due to facial anatomy, the preset convergence angle is not aligned properly with your eyes. You may experience double vision or eye strain. Sometime in the future, you may drop or hit your loupe barrel knocking them out of alignment. The loupe barrels have been factory set to the proper convergence angle. They are locked into place to avoid misalignment. In the event your barrel or barrels are knocked out of alignment, you may return your loupe to Rose Micro Solutions for adjustment. Include a note with your loupe explaining your issue. Include your contact information and return address.

Your loupes are designed to be worn with a head strap to distribute the weight around your head, allowing for an all-day wearing comfort. Attach your head strap and tighten until your loupe is comfortably snug. Remove the frames by grasping each temple at the front, pulling forward and up off your face. To put them on again, keep adjusted as before and simply loop the strap behind your head and pull the frames forward and down onto your face.

On metal frames you can adjust the height of your loupe my manipulating the nose pads. Spreading the pads lowers the frame on your face and squeezing the pads in raises the frame on your face.


Your new loupes will not take the place of a reading prescription (add).  They magnify an image, but do not correct your vision. If you need a “reading add”, or use over the counter reading glasses, you can have this “add” placed in your loupe. If you need a prescription add you should have your eyes professionally examined to determine your exact correction. Many people that wear prescription glasses or “cheaters” can wear a loupe without a prescription add. If you still require a prescription add on top of your loupe magnification you have the following options:


Cheaters: We have various styles and frame sizes that have built in cheaters. Some are available in bifocal or full lens cheaters. The typical range is from a plus (+1 to +3 diopter in half increments) contact Rose Micro to review your options. If you choose to order a loupe with a cheater it will affect the focal length of your loupe. The typical focal length of a “cheater frame” is around 12.5”-14”. If you have chosen a loupe with a focal length less than 14” the cheater will have no affect on your loupe. If you wear a loupe with a focal length beyond 14” you will have you will have to order your loupe one focal length longer than the desired end focal length.

This means as an example: If you want to work at 15.8” (2x-long) and you want a cheater then you would order a 18” (2x-extra long). This is one distance up. The cheater will reduce the focal length from 18” down to the 15.8” length. You have 30 days from the time you receive your loupe to make sure you have chosen the correct focal length. We will exchange it at no charge.

Half Frames: We have half frames available in two (2) sizes. They are regular or large. The half frame is designed to support your loupe and allow you to wear your loupe over or “on top” of your existing prescription or “cheater glasses”. The half frame is adjustable to fit various glass sizes and shapes. You want to position your loupe over your close distance portion of your glasses. As an example, if you have your short distance correction in a bi-focal then you want your loupe to be placed over the bifocal of your glasses. You can position the loupe by spreading or closing the nose pad arms of your half frame until the loupe height is over your bifocal. We have a video on our website of how to set your half frame. www.rosemicrosolutions.com .

If you need to increase the declination angle of your loupe on your glasses you can add an angle block to the half frame. The angle block will position the loupe away from your glasses and lower, increasing your declination angle by an additional 15-20 degrees.

Titanium/Aluminum Frames: We have “prescription frames” that you can have your prescription added directly into your loupe frame. They are available in different sizes, shapes and colors. You can view your options on line at www.rosemicrosolutions.com . The loupe is screwed directly to the frame. Rose Micro can have your script installed or you can bring it to your own optometrist.  The loupe is attached by two screws that can easily be disconnected to allow your script to be installed.

Clip- On: We have a “clip-on” universal clip that you can mount a loupe to and clip it to your existing glasses. If you choose this option we recommend it only to be used on very large prescription glasses with a front bridge over the nosepiece. You must use the head strap on your glasses because it will make the loupe feel front heavy.

Headband: You can wear your loupe on a headband. This option will allow you to position the loupe directly over your glasses without any added weight on your nose. It also allows you to obtain an infinite number of declination angles.

Replacement of a Frame

Loupes are attached to metal frames with two screws which are installed into two drilled and tapped holes.

On a safety frame, there is a metal backing plate that holds loupe in place. To remove the loupe, simply turn the screws counterclockwise until they are free of the frame or backing plate. Install the loupes on your new frame by reversing the process. Make sure that the barrels are level before final tightening.

Flip handle

Your loupe was furnished with a flip handle that you can sterilize in an auto clave. The handle has an orientation. To properly install the large U-shaped opening of the handle must be in the down position. The handle slips under the IPD knob and straddles the front bar of your loupe.

If you add a Rose Micro Power Pack light in the future ask for your light/loupe auto clave flip handle assembly.

Cleaning your Loupes

Nothing is worse than a dirty loupe! Viewing through lenses with fingerprints or debris on them is not desired and can be unsanitary.

All TTL (through the lens) and Galilean Rose flip up Loupes are waterproof. Prismatic (4x and up) are not. To clean your  loupe simply, wash your loupes with soap and water. You may scrub them like you scrub your hands. You may place them under running water. Do not grab the barrels and twist. This may cause misalignment. After rinsing and to remove any soap film you may have left behind use an optical glass cleaner or Windex on the lenses and frame. Wipe with a low lint cloth to remove streaks and smudges. A cloth is provided with your loupe.

Prismatic (4x+) loupes may be cleaned in a similar fashion but do not submerge or hold under running water. You may wipe the loupe down with a soapy cloth. Do not have water flow directly onto the glass lenses. They are NOT waterproof. To clean the lenses spray your optical glass cleaner onto the head of a cotton swab and wipe all 4 lenses to remove any debris, dirt, dust or smudges. Wipe with your low lint cloth.

Our loupes are manufactured from the highest quality components and will provide you with a long, useful life with proper care. These are precision optical instruments that must be properly cleaned, stored and kept free from rough usage. DO NOT SUBMERGE IN AN ULTRASONIC CLEANER. Do not auto clave, chemiclave, glutarldehyde, iodophor or use any other sterilization method or damage will result.

            A loupe is a precision optical instrument and should be treated as such. If properly used, cleaned and stored, Rose Micro loupes will last a life time.