Light Kit Instructions

LED Power Pack Light Kit

The “Power Pack” is a high power LED light designed for the professional. It is extremely light weight (5 gr/.18 oz) and can be adapted to fit most any loupe.  If you plan to use our light with another loupe brand contact us and describe your current loupe configuration. We will recommend and provide the appropriate light clip.

The Power Pack Light Kit  includes your LED light with mounting clip, a removable “plug in” cord, two (2) rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery packs with a rheostat control, belt clip, a lighted battery charge level indicator, a wall charger, optional yellow or blue filter, screw driver, a “pigtail” universal cord holder and a padded carry case. If you are purchasing your light to be used with a Rose Micro Loupe or a Rose Micro frame mount your light will be equipped with an auto clave light flip handle assembly.


Your light is constructed of a 2 piece black anodized aluminum housing, Cree LED lamp, built in heat sink, rubber “touch” insulator, front collector lens, internal circuit board, loupe attaching clip with auto clave flip handle(upon request), built in socket for plug in cord, detachable insulated cord approximately 4’ 8” in length with built in molded strain reliefs at both ends to prevent cord breakage and a “pigtail” universal cord holder that is used to secure your cord to the arm of your frame.


Your batteries are equipped with an on/off button, up and down intensity controls, (5) battery charge level indicator lights (each light indicates approximately 20% of the charge), a flashing “battery is charging” indicator and a belt clip. The batteries are serialized.

Each battery has two (2) entry ports on the top of the battery. The larger (female) port is where you plug in your light. The smaller (male) port is where you plug in your charger. When the charger is plugged in, the bottom red indicator light on the battery should blink until the battery is fully charged. Charging time for a drained battery is approximately 200 minutes 3.3 hours. You cannot run your light while the battery is charging.

Your light intensity will never diminish during use. When the battery is 20 minutes from shutting off you will get a warning flash. Your light will flash (on-off) twice, notifying you to switch to your other battery. You should always use a fully charged battery and drain the battery completely before recharging. This will maximize your battery life. Each battery is designed to accept 4-500 charges. Rotate your battery usage. Premature charging will consume the number of charges. If the battery is used at maximum intensity and is always on, the charge will last around 8-10 hours. If used at less than maximum intensity the charge will last proportionally longer.


How To Wear your Battery and Cord

The battery has a built in “belt clip” so the battery can hang from your belt, pocket or waist band. If attached to your belt or waistband it is recommended that the battery be on your side or towards your back to prevent un-necessary strain on the cord.

If you are right handed it is recommended that you attach your cord to the right side arm of your frame with the “pigtail” cord holder then run the cord around your back and attach the battery on your back/left side. Reverse if you are left handed. Alligator cord clips are available upon request if you wish to connect your cord to your clothing.


Your Charger is a universal charger 100-240V and 50/60Hz that can be used in the USA and other countries. The plug is a USA plug but will accept other country specific adapters.  


An Optional “non cure” composite yellow flip filter assembly is available. Blue filters are also available for eye examination.

Technical Specifications


Luminous Intensity: 180LM

Luminosity: 90,000 LX (8340FC)

Color Temperature: 5000K

Weight (without clip/filter): 5 Gr./.18oz

LED Life: 100,000 hours


Type-Lithium Ion

Internal Battery Voltage: 3.7V

Battery Charging Time: 200 min.

Average Operating Time: 8-10 hours (at maximum intensity always on)

5 lighted power level indicators

Blinking charging indicator

On/Off button

Light Port (female connection larger hole on top of battery)

Charger Port (male connection on top of battery)

Dimensions: 97mmx53mmx25mm (3.8”x2.1”x1”)

Weight of Battery: 4.6oz.


Type: Switching AC/DC adapter

Input Voltage: 100-240V

Input Frequency: 50-60 Hz, 0.5A

Wall Outlet Plug Type: USA

Output Power: 18W, 5V,3A


Your LED lamp assembly has a lifetime warranty.

The cord has a 2 year warranty.

Replacement cords are sold separately. Contact Rose Micro if you wish to obtain a back up or replacement cord.

The batteries typically do not have a warranty because the life is based on your usage. Batteries will typically accept approximately 4-500 charges. If you let them drain completely then recharge and rotate your batteries as recommended they should last around 3-4 years. If you have an obvious early failure within the first year that we can confirm was not from abuse we will repair or replace it at no charge.

Exclusions and Warranty Limitations

This warranty does not apply to damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, misapplication, service, tampering or modification by a non approved Rose Micro service person.

Shipping Charges

Rose Micro will pay to ship your warranty item to you anywhere in the USA. The customer is responsible for shipping costs into Rose Micro Solutions.

Mounting Instructions

Your Light can be mounted on a Rose Micro Loupe, Frame or Head Band. It can also be mounted on other manufacturer’s loupes. Contact Rose Micro to obtain the proper attachment clip for other brands of loupes.

Mounting to a Rose Loupe

Your Light comes with a standard C-shaped clip that attaches to the front bridge of your Rose Loupe. The clip slides under the IPD adjustment knob. The cord should exit on the top of the light if properly installed. To remove your light, cock the light to the side. The attachment is strong so if you pull it straight out it may pull your loupe/ hinge out of position.

You may set the angle of your light by simply pivoting the light on the two (2) screws on the side of your light. If you wish to lock the angle simply tighten the side screws.

Run your cord to the side of your frame (leave some slack) and secure the cord to the arm of your frame with the “pig tail” cord holder. The “pig tail” cord holder will be on your light cord. Unwind it off the cord then reattach. If you are right handed we recommend that you attach the cord to the right arm of your frame then run the cord around your back to the left side of your body.


Mounting Light to a Headband

Your light can be mounted to a headband. The light clips on to the square mount that is on the sliding bar of your headband. The bar height can be adjusted by loosening the silver thumbscrew in front of the bar and sliding the bar up or down. The light position can be changed by setting the two (2) black thumbscrews on the side of the headband linkage to your desired angle. You have two (2) snap clips on the top and back of the headband to run the cord through.

Mounting Light to a Frame

A light can be mounted on to any of our frames. Just snap the light to the square mounting plate that is secured to your frame. Run the cord to the side of your frame (leave slack) and secure the cord to the arm of your frame with the “pig tail” cord holder that is on your light cord. Unwrap it from your light cord and wrap it around both the frame arm and the light cord.


Universal Clips-Other Clips

If you have a non rose loupe or frame we have Universal clips with a light attachment block that can be clipped on to most any frame. Three (3) different sizes are available to accommodate most any frame. Contact Rose Micro if the clip you purchased does not properly fit your frame.

We have other mounting clips for various loupe types. If you need a light clip for your existing loupe contact Rose Micro and define your loupe type and frame style. It is best to send a photo of your loupe. With this information we will send the proper clip with your light purchase. In some cases we may need your loupe or frame sent in for us to drill and attach the proper light clip. We will perform this operation at no charge to you. Normally this will take 1-2 business days.


Light Carry Case

Your light is furnished with a protective carry case.


Combo Case

If you have a loupe and have purchased our light you may order a combo carry case that will hold your light, batteries, charger, loupe and all the accessories in one case. The case is equipped with a carry handle.