Wireless Light with 1 Battery


Small no wire Headlight !  Very bright Light, Normal use on high it will last 3 hours. The complete Light with the battery weighs 33 Grams (1.3ounces) with the universal clip and 31 grams (1.1 ounces) with the C clip. 

This light can be clipped to any loupes or safety frames or prescription glasses for maximum flexibility. No Wires. Quick Charge 30 minutes to 1 hour, full charge 2 hours.

We now have two attachment adapters, our standard C Clip or the universal clip.   

This light kit comes in either the 1 or 2 battery option.  This is the 1 battery option.

Please see videos below for usage and attachment instructions.

The light will carry a 2 year warranty against any manufacture's defect and the battery a 1 year warranty.

Technical Specifications:


Luminous Intensity: 125lm                                                                                        Luminosity: 50,000 Lux (5852fc)                                                                                        Color Temperature: 5000k   


Internal Voltage: 3.7v                                                                                                            Full Battery Charging Time: 2 hours                                                                               Average Operating Time: 3 Hours (per battery)


Type: Switching AC/DC Adapter  Or USB                                                                             Input Voltage: 100-240v                                                                                                    Input Frequency: 50-60Hz                                                                                              Output Power 18w                      

Wireless Light with 1 Battery
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  • Wireless Light with 1 Battery
  • Wireless Light with 1 Battery