Ergo Flip Up Loupe


Brand New: Fully Adjustable Flip Up Ergo Loupe!!

Say Goodbye to Bowing your head. Our ergonomic design reduces cervical fatigue and can extend a professional's career.
Light weight and installed onto our Rayban frame, this ergo loupe  provides comfort for all day use.

Magnification: 3.5
Field of View: 3"
Depth of Field: 5"
Weight: 2.4 ounces
Working Distance: Made per your request. (From 16-24")
Measuring Your Working Distance is simple!  Get into your desired working position with your head in an upright position.  And then simply measure from your eye to where your hands will be working. 
Prescription?   No Problem, you may put your eye script into just the optics or we can put it also into the optics and safety frame for a $200 fee.  
(We will need to see a copy of your script or any readers you may use.)

Light Options: Both our Power Pack Light or our Cordless light can attach to the loupe.

Ergo Flip Up Loupe
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