2.5x Waterproof Loupe on Titanium Frames


Titanium Frames 

You may use this frame as is, or a prescription may be added into the lenses.

Prescription fees apply.

All of our loupes are waterproof, which means you may put them under running water making cleaning easier.

Please see our working distance guide to determine your working distance.  For additional assistance on measuring your working distance please see the instructional video located on the instructional video tab

Loupes include: Loupe, Case, Headstrap, Front Lens Caps, Screwdriver, Flip Grip, Setting Target and Instruction Booklet.

Please refer to the FAQ tab for warranty and return policy details.

WORKING DISTANCE   This is the measurement from the bridge of your nose to where your hands will be working while you are in a comfortable working position.   

If you have any additional questions please feel free to call us at 716-608-0009


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2.5x Waterproof Loupe on Titanium Frames
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  • 2.5x Waterproof Loupe on Titanium Frames