OP-D-OP Face Shield II


https://youtu.be/kawUana_7zcRose Micro Solutions is proud to be a distributor of the Op-d-Op Face Shield. 

The Op-d-Op's patented push button technology makes it the most comfortable face shield ever created. 

Push down on the buttons to adjust the visor arms in or out and the visor instantly becomes smaller or larger.  Once you find your size you're good to go. 

This shield has the most space between your face and the shield making it ideal for wearing with your loupes and lights. 

The Op-d-Op face shield features extra wide air vent for maximum air flow, and flexible ski arms to eliminate pressure points.  The tinted mini shield reduces overhead glare. 

The Op-d-Op Face shield  will come as a kit with 3  shields. 

Delivery times may be extended due to the current demand.  

Made in the USA

Due to COVID 19 we are unable to accept this back for refund.   Thank you for your understanding during these difficult times. 

OP-D-OP Face Shield II
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  • OP-D-OP Face Shield II
  • OP-D-OP Face Shield II