Magnification Working Distance (Size) Depth of Field Weight
2.0x 11in (280mm) Short 5-8in (125-203mm) 2.4oz
2.0x 12.5in (320mm) Regular 5-8in (125-203mm)  
2.0x 15.8in (400mm) Long 5-8in (125-203mm) 2.4oz  
2.0x 18in (460mm) X-Long 5-8in (125-203mm) 2.4oz
2.0x 22in (559mm) XX-Long 5-8in (125-203mm) 2.4oz
2.5x    11in (280mm) Short 3-5in (76-127mm) 2.2oz
2.5x 13.8in (350mm) Regular 3-5in (76-127mm) 2.2oz
2.5x 16.5in (420mm) Medium 3-5in (76-127mm) 2.2oz
2.5x 19in (480mm) Long 3-5in (76-127mm) 2.2oz
2.5x 22in (559mm) X-Long 3-5in (76-127mm) 2.2oz
3.5x 11in (280mm) Super Short
3-4in (76-101mm) 2.1oz
3.5x 13.8in (350mm) Short 3-4in (76-101mm) 2.1oz
3.5x 16.53in (420mm) Regular
3-4in (76-101mm) 2.1oz
3.5x 19.68in (500mm) Long 3-4in (76-101mm) 2.1oz
4.0x 13in (340mm) Short 1.5-2in (38-50mm) 3.9oz
4.0x 16.53in (420mm) Regular 1.5-2in (38-50mm) 3.9oz
4.0x 19.60in (500mm) Long 1.5-2in (38-50mm) 3.9oz
      2.3                                reg